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Manali Honeymoon Packages, Honeymoon Packages in Kullu Manali By Kings Travel


Manali Honeymoon Packages

Manali Honeymoon Packages

Manali Honeymoon Packages

Manali Honeymoon Packages, Honeymoon Packages in Kullu Manali By Kings Travel

Honeymoon trips are one of the most important trips one can plan and hence should also be among best. There may be very few places in India which will rival the beauty and awesomeness of holidaying in Kullu-Manali. Manali honeymoon packages are should therefore be among your top choices when it comes to planning your honeymoon. There are many aspects of planning a honeymoon trip. The best of the trips are those which are thought through and are not put together in haste. So, what would make up for a great planning?

The first step is of course to make sure that you and your partner are both comfortable with the destination of the honeymoon. It wouldn't take much of convincing to come to the decision of taking a trip to Manali. Located in the valley of the Beas River, the hill station is probably the most visited place in the country. Some even go on to compare it with the beauty of Kashmir. With disturbances continuing in those regions of the country, honeymoon packages in Kullu Manali remain to be the best options. Kullu and Manali, which are both close to the banks of the Beas River are almost always visited in pairs.

Manali is located in the Kullu district, and Kullu is the administrative center of the district. There is also the famous Kullu Manali circuit. The journey itself is breathtaking, let alone the destination. The Lug valley, mountain ranges of Manali, peaks at Lahul, and the Ki Gompa are few of the great things to see on the way. Manali honeymoon packages consist mostly of a road journey through a comfortable bus,through which you would be able to enjoy the site. There are so many places to visit in Manali, that you can choose either to have a hectic enjoying day and visit all the places that are there to visit, or you can decide to visit a particular calm place and spend the whole day exploring it in depth with your partner. One of the key features of the Manali honeymoon packages is the amount of flexibility that it offers. While planning, you can decide to take everything into your hands. All that will do, is cause anxiety. Because, there are so many things which one has to decide while planning a trip to a new place.

A great thing about honeymoon packages in Kullu Manali is that, they are designed by people who have been overseeing travels for years and hence know exactly which of the places are worth visiting and how much time and money each of the aspects of the trip takes. This saves you from the trouble of wasting money and making an ill-planned honeymoon trip. There's nothing worse than ending up with a bad plan for the first trip you plan as a married couple. Manali honeymoon packages reduce the chances of error and hence are a much safer bet than you planning everything from scratch.

Standard honeymoon packages in Kullu Manali consist of tours of all the best places that are there in the town and stays in comfortable hotels. The crucial ingredients for an enjoyable honeymoon trip are beautiful sceneries and a comfortable place to board. Manali honeymoon packages offer both of them in plentiful.Manali has some of the most beautiful temples in northern India. It is not always their architecture, but how beautiful their backdrops are. Manali honeymoon packages offer a comprehensive tour of the temples in the hill station. There is the famous Hadimba temple, located only a km from Manali. It has a unique mix of pagoda design and western style. A perfect way to start honeymoon tour would be from this point. The set of wooden cravings is something else to look in awe, depicting mythological creatures. The next place in the itinerary of Manali honeymoon package would be the Rahalla Falls, which lies at the border of the Rohtang pass. Rohtang pass in itself a beautiful sight to behold. There are as many as three Tibetan monasteries to be visited in the town. This is for the sort of couples who like to enjoy the calmness of places.

There are also other places which are usually part of honeymoon packages in Kullu Manali. There's Manali Gompa (another monastery), a village called Vashist, which has many hot springs to see. The idea to explore is to new things, and these offer the best opportunities. As of the Kullu part of the honeymoon packages in Kullu Manali, there's the Bijli Mahadev Temple, which is probably the most attractive place in Kullu. Then there are hot springs which you can visit in Manikaran. There's a lake called Prashar, which is a very clam and pristine place, a very nice place to spend time, loving the nature. Manali honeymoon packages aren't really complete without the inclusion of the Vaishno Devi Temple. There's also the Jagannathi temple at Bhekhli. It goes without saying, that since religion is one of the most crucial parts of Indian culture, a major part of honeymoon tour will be spent visiting temples. So, if you aren't much of a fan of temples, Manali honeymoon packages, still have something to offer. The beautiful landscapes of the Manali are also a beautiful sigh behold. Places like Naggar, can offer a great panorama of Manali. It's a village, set on the hill and is surrounded by forests on all the sides. If you love seeing beautiful sights, this should certainly be a part of any of the honeymoon packages in Kullu Manali that you choose.

There are a lot of options available for someone looking for a honeymoon trip to Manali. Taking the tour as a part of the package is certainly something which any first time traveller should consider, primarily because it eliminates many of the worries. Manali honeymoon packages would take care of everything from hotel booking to reservations on the bus transport. Your honeymoon trip would thus be worry free and full of love.

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