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Tour packages to Manali by Kings Travel


Tour packages Manali

Tour packages Manali

Tour packages Manali

Tour packages to Manali

There are very few tourist places in India, which rival the beauty and magnificence of Manali. Tour packages to Manali, sell like hot cakes, almost throughout the year. This hill station on Himachal Pradesh is truly a confluence of some of the best landscape features and a pleasant weather. So, if you have a holiday coming up, here there are very few options other than Manali which would be more enticing. So, what makes a visit to Manali special? This hill station is located at a height of around 2000 m, which is commendable and yet comfortable to adjust with. Named after a Hindu sage, Manu, this hill station is often referred to as the abode of gods, because of its beautiful looking valleys. Visiting this hill station would give you taste of living in old times, with the same peace and calmness which prevailed in those days. The tour packages to Manali are affordable and simultaneously, comfortably comprehensive. History of Manali is so rich that each of the tours is full of details and new information. Tour packages to Manali thus make up for a great way to take you off the daily routine of life.

As for the places to visit in Manali, almost all the tour packages to Manali, give you opportunity to visit the famous Rohtang pass. If you plan on going to Manali, which is the busiest times in for the tourism, then you should plan your tour packages to Manali specifically to have a picnic in this spot. It is a brilliant place to spend time with family. Among other places to visit within the tour packages to Manali, is the Naggar castle. It is a medieval styled castle, having a mix of western and Indian style of architecture. If you have seen other medieval structures in Himalayan region, you would almost readily identify Naggar Castle a mixture of Himalayan style and that found in the west. The location of the castle is very picturesque too. With its location near the Beas river, the castle offers a splendid view of the mountains and passes. It is often said that there are few places in Manali which offer a better panorama. Then as far as natural places to visit, tour packages to Manali offer you the visit of Beas kund. It is a historically scared place, considered as the originating point of the Beas River. It is even said that the great sage, Vyas, used to take his bath in this place. This place is only reachable through trekking, so you would also get a great experience with that too.

Other places you can visit while touring Manali would be the Pandoh dam, Chandrakhani pass, Solang valley etc. Tour packages to Manali almost always come with comfortable timings and amply spaced visits to different places. If you are planning for a holiday, there would be few places in India which would rival Manali. So, pick up the phone and book a tour package to Manali. It's sure that you would enjoy!

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